Jules Verne is a French publisher who lived around the 18th century. He was known as a prolific writer, poet, and playwright. There were not very many writers at this time, Jules was among a few writers whose literary work were so outstanding even after he died in 1905. Being a French author, most readers had issues although it was possible to get copies that were translated into other languages. Apart from being a publisher, he was known for some outstanding novels which made him popular. Journey to the center of the earth, twenty thousand leagues under the sea, and from the earth to the moon were a few of some distinctive write-ups that made Jules a global icon.

The irony about this great writer

The irony about this great writer is that Jules wasn’t raised from an influential family as others would have thought. This situation didn’t affect Jules’s creative potentials, he grew up in an average family, his parents were not that wealthy but, at least they could afford to send Jules Verne to school. An interesting feature with Jules Verne was that he was determined to change the status of his family. It wasn’t that easy to come from such an average background and still make it to school as Verne did. This inner drive to become a global icon made the young lad work extremely hard. As a young adult Verne had a disciplined lifestyle that shaped by his ambitions to become a great writer.

The Most Fascinating Publications By Jules Verne

Most prolific writers like Jules had made outstanding revelations through their books that gave scientists a clue about the universe. For instance, twenty thousand leagues under the sea, became a roadmap for marine researchers to make discoveries underneath the sea. Being a French writer, most of Jules’s works were translated into more than 150 different languages across different nations. Jules Verne had more translations compare to William Shakespeare with a global audience.

Several outstanding books were written by this great author but, the most memorable fiction story was the twenty thousand leagues under the sea. This book gave readers including scientists in-depth knowledge about the sea and some of its fascinating creatures. Jules was creative, inspirational, and a prolific writer whose works attracted global audience. An interesting feature about this book was that it inspired many to make some scientific moves that later gave people an insight into the sea and its creatures.

Twenty thousand used by the author was more like a description of the distance that needed to travel under the sea, published in 1970, the author demonstrated in-depth knowledge about the sea taking readers into an expository discovery of what the sea contains. The book was very close to reality, meaning readers could practically capture the images in their mind as painted by the author in the book. It was indeed an awesome science fiction that appealed to all categories of fiction lovers especially children who could read and understand fiction stories. Jules Verne was indeed a great loss for most fans and readers who enjoyed reading his novels years after his death.