Jules Verne is popularly known for his exceptional character, visionary ideas, and adventure books that constantly inspires different generations. Verne’s curiosity and futuristic mechanisms allow him to learn, uncover as well as create completely new worlds. Although Verne’s adventure books were written more than 100 years ago, there are more that are still favorites among fans today. However, most 21st century readers do not usually look for the books of prominent writers of the 19th century. But when they do, most times they always look for books written by Jules Verne. This is true as their favorites on the shelf are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

These books with their fantastical French

These books with their fantastical French tales have been read by numerous fans including old and new readers. Most readers might not believe this, but, children today still read the books of Jules Verne. Yet, it is true as librarians that work in numerous libraries can attest to this. Although Verne’s books are not as popular as Harry Potter, they are still read by lots of kids today with an interest in sci-fi. Kids today like to read books written by Jules Verne when they are done perusing recent books and are yearning for better advanced-level adventure stories. Children that go to the libraries with their parents or grandparents usually get access to these books especially those that are interested in reading sci-fi books with enough adventure.

Reasons why kids are still reading books written by Jules Verne

Although there are different varieties available now, there are still plenty of schools with children reading those books. Most readers thinking that since Verne’s books were written at a different time that they are usually recommended for college students. Verne was a talented writer who wrote about several futuristic mechanisms that actually became reality. Most of Jule’s books are said to have motivated those in the scientific world. In the book titled From the Earth to the Moon, he talks about traveling to the Moon in a capsule that could carry astronauts.

Another book where Verne talks about the adventures of a captain in an electric submarine. Those numerous inventions created in those books impressed as well as inspired more fans all around. Readers were in love with his visionary ideas as Verne used scientific knowledge including research to write many wonderful adventure stories.

Kids with a voracious appetite for this genre generally go for the books written by Jules Verne. While others get to discover his books when they are recommended by someone especially a librarian. Normally, children today would avoid books that look old and worn, but if it was suggested by a librarian their interests in it would be increased. If kids today enjoy watching movies like Journey to the center of the earth as well as The Mysterious Island, then, there’s a likelihood that kids would enjoy reading books by Jules Verne. It would be a great idea for parents to get children acquainted with books by Jules Verne because it would help develop their minds.