French author, Jules Verne died at the beginning of the 20th century, the exact date is the 24th of March 1905. The celebrated author was diabetic and died of diabetes related complications after a lengthy fight with the disease. At an advanced age, it becomes harder to regulate the amount of sugar using insulin shots. Since the body has grown weaker with age, diabetes tends to be more severe to older people. The writer died at the age of 77 years, he lived a full and eventful life. Jules Verne settled in Amiens and died there.

In the books Jules Verne worked

In the books Jules Verne worked on before his death, a different attitude towards technology could be seen. The older Verne was more skeptical over the role technology has to play in the advancement of humanity. This view is showcased by the pessimism used in the last books. As Jules Verne grew older, the stories lacked the youthful bliss of exploration. This thrill is what had endeared him to readers when Verne started writing. While Jules was still a reputable writer, Verne did not command a robust readership as in the initial stages. The decline in readership led Jules into financial trouble forcing him to sell his yacht to stay afloat.

Jules Verne The Father of Science Fiction

Jules Verne will be remembered as having founded modern science fiction as a genre. Verne had a distinct way of writing fiction, as a writer, Verne was not tied to reality. This distinct approach gave his work a distinct appeal to readers. Anybody looking for adventure found solace in the works of Jules Verne. Acting as a trailblazer in science fiction led to Verne’s books being translated widely as they appealed to people from different settings. Jules enjoyed financial success as a prolific author who was well respected.

Verne led an extraordinary life marked by radical life choices, initially Jules Verne trained as an attorney. Despite studying law, Verne did not practice law as he pursued a career as a broker in Paris. At age 34, Jules Verne was published by Pierre-Jules Hetzel, this marked their long-term venture as author and publisher. As a writer, Verne has inspired a whole new genre in literature and challenged how fiction writing was executed. Jules is regarded as a futuristic thinker due to a vivid description of a submarine before submarines were even invented. Verne inspired science fiction writing by encouraging writers to pursue their wild stories and write of strange adventures.